Expressions of Interest for Global Business

Background:Groundwork Recycling was founded in 2015 as a subsidiary of Groundwork Experts. Groundwork Recycling focus on a range of recycling machinery and equipment from granulator machines and cable stripping machines to general waste and motor recycling units. Our history with a range of suppliers from China and South Korea means that the most modern recycling […]

Radiator Recycling

Radiators can be found in many electronic appliances and automobiles. Radiators in older cars were likely to be made of brass or copper. Heating radiators used between the 1980s were made mainly of cast iron. Current air conditioners, heating systems and refrigerators also have radiators, although mainly use copper tubes and aluminium foil, both have […]

Electric Motor Stator Recycling

Many households are full of electric motors. They power dishwashers, washing machines, air conditioners and many other household appliances. Almost 100% of an electric motor is recyclable as the majority of its components are metallic. Recycling of electric motors helps reduce landfill, solid waste and pollution in general. Furthermore, recycling electric motors can assist in […]