Waste Radiator Crushing Recycling Line

Waste Radiator Crushing Recycling Line

Recycle a range of radiators with this large scale production line with the Waste Radiator Crushing Recycling Line.

The Waste Radiator Crushing Recycling Line is a large scale production line designed for recycling waste radiators from a range of sources such as air conditioners and vehicles. This crushing line sorts the copper, iron and aluminium.

Technology behind the Waste Radiator Crushing Line

Initially the material goes into the first crusher for the pre-crush, this crushed material is then moved by conveyor to the second crusher. The materials in this crusher will be crushed into 30mm lengths. Following this, the materials undergo magnetic separation to separate the copper and aluminium. This method has been developed and patented by our suppliers.

Features and Benefits of the Waste Radiator Crushing Line:

  • This production line design has been developed to lower the metal loss and reduce the number of times materials are crushed, resulting in a reduction of metal powder and leading to improved recycling efficiency.
  • The first crusher is designed with a double roller and has the advantage of low noise and large torque, making it capable of crushing radiators of various sizes.
  • The blades of the first crusher are made of alloy steel, undergoing processes to ensure a durable life (1 year minimum).
  • This production line uses gravity separation twice, improving the sorting accuracy.
  • Featuring a closed processing design and a dust collection system, this effectively controls the dust overflow of this equipment.