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Motor Recycling Equipment

Groundwork sells an extensive range Motor Recycling machinery to meet every need.
These Motor Recycling models are designed to process a variety of sized motor stators.
Groundwork supplies the SingleDouble Platform Wrecker and Press and Giant Splitter in the range of freestanding models. These powerful machines are ideal for processing motors to extract copper wire inside. Such models can process motors up to 500mm (19.6″) in diameter.

Are you after a complete recycling production line? Choose from the Motor Crushing Recycling Line and Motor Stator Recycling Line. These machines are ideal for businesses with high processing volume needs. Again, these models extract copper, iron, and plastic from motors.

With 10 models in this range, we have the equipment to meet your businesses processing needs. Check out the range of machines below.

If you have any queries, questions or would like a quote for any model please contact us. Don’t know what machine will best suit your project or requirements? Get in contact with us through our contact page and our team will be happy to help.

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